How to Find and Stimulate the Male G-Spot

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Ernst Gräfenberg’s parents probably didn’t expect how the family name would be immortalized by their son. 60 years after Ernst passed on, the term ‘G-Spot’ that was named after him is instantly recognized by most people. It was used almost exclusively for females until quite recently but now, the male G-Spot piques almost equal interest.

What is the Male G-Spot?

Gräfenberg suggested that there was a particular spot inside the vagina that was especially susceptible to stimulation to produce incredible sexual pleasure. This Holy Grail of gratification has a complementary unit in the male, but one that is quite different from its female counterpart.

The male G-Spot apparently is the prostate gland which is most readily accessed via the anal cavity. The prostate is most often described as being the size of a walnut and having a similar uneven surface. It can be located approximately two inches (5 cm) beyond the anal opening.
The prostate functions as a friend of the sperm in daily life by secreting a fluid that nourishes them and enhancing male fertility.

male g-spot

Many heterosexual men have an aversion to penetration but those who have overcome that psychological barrier swear that the resulting orgasms are like nothing they have experienced before.

Stimulating the Male G-Spot

Given its location which is not usually a part of sexual intercourse, stimulating the male G-Spot directly is more complicated than doing the same for the female G-Spot.

The first difference is that the anal passage does not self-lubricate like the vaginal passage. This means that you have to lube the digit or object before penetration very well.

Secondly, the region is a heaven for bacteria and other nasties that can make you very, very sick. All items used in the act must be cleaned thoroughly before and after the session to ensure a safe experience. It might also be helpful for the recipient to get an enema before the act.

It goes without saying that nails should be trimmed, just like they would be if you were trying to stimulate the female G-Spot.

After you have made all these preparations, here are the simple steps:

  1. The recipient should get in a comfortable position that allows the partner easy access. Get on all fours, lie on the bed with pillows underneath to raise your bum in the air or even hang over the side of the bed – whatever feels best.
  2. Apply lube to the anal opening and the finger/sex toy being used. It may be advisable to cover it with a condom or similar for increased hygiene.
  3. The partner should stimulate the opening to relax the recipient’s muscles and tell him before actually penetrating.
  4. Upon penetration, slide the finger about two inches in and crook it upwards and feel for a small bump.
  5. Rub the bump with the pad of your finger – when you are doing it right, you will know from his response!

The prostate can also be stimulated indirectly through the skin. To do this, simply rub and massage the perineum (the spot between the scrotum and anus). Since the nerve endings here are connected directly to the prostate, it is a way of deriving pleasure from the male G-Spot without the hassle of actual penetration.

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