History of nuru massage

The Japanese have always found amazing ways to transform the exceptional into something truly divine, albeit occasionally in some very unusual ways. The nation has come to be regarded as one of the foremost innovators in the realm of bodily pleasure in recent years through its JAV range of adult films, which regularly instill a deep desire in many young men – and women – around the world to learn the Japanese language.
History of nuru massage paris

Innovative Japan

However, the country’s propensity and talent for uncovering creative ways to do regular things is not new, even in terms of sexuality. It is here in this rather rigid nation that the art of the Nuru massage was born. The massage itself is an evolution of the soapy massage that the ‘Soaplands’ of Japan are renowned for.

To the uninitiated, Nuru massage is a body-to-body massage performed with the aid of nuru gel, an odorless and tasteless massage lubricant. This substance is an all-natural extract of a seaweed called Nori which is ordinarily used for sushi. It is produced as a thick, viscous fluid which is then combined with water to the consistency that the massage recipient and masseuse desire. You will require the following items:

  • An inflatable bed (the plastic is perfect for sliding).
  • Packaged nuru gel.
  • Water to dilute the packaged nuru gel.
  • Towels to help you remove the gel after the session.

The Birth of Nuru Massage

The evolution to nuru through soap massages is the product of Japanese law that states that penetration during a massage service is not permissible. To offer clients an experience that delivered a healthy dose of pleasure without breaking the penetration rule, some Japanese masseuses – using that spark of famous Japanese inventiveness – decided to incorporate the pleasurable sensation of slippery soap into the mix.

The popularity of soapy massages exploded as more people experienced the overwhelmingly erotic sensations. However, the inherent problems of getting strange-tasting soap in your mouth, or worse, in your eyes, seemed to be an insurmountable thorn in the industry’s side.

It was only when someone decided to use an entirely new substance altogether, the nuru gel, to overcome this problem that the nuru massage was born. And the rest, as they say, is history.

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