How to Give a Tantric Massage?

From its ancient roots, thousands of years old, in mystical India, tantra has always fascinated the Western mind. At the heart of that fascination is the enigmatic but proven ability of tantric practices to change an individual physically, mentally and spiritually. Today, that three-fold transformation is most easily accessible through the experience of tantric massage therapy.

Do, what is tantric massage therapy? It is the application of those ancient Hindu techniques of complete body and mind wellness through physical interaction to produce a tantric massage orgasm. It is so popular because these massage orgasms are said to be more powerful and longer-lasting than a regular orgasm.

While you and your partner can certainly learn how to give a tantric massage in the comfort of your own home, a professional tantric masseuse may be the best option for a mind-blowing massage. For that, head off to Sweet Touch for the best and most sensual tantric massage for men.

In the meantime, here are some tips to ensure that you can apply every time.


The ancient Hindus underwent lengthy purification rituals to extract every iota of knowledge and pleasure from their tantric practices. Since most of us do not have the time to learn ancient Sanskrit, modern day purification refers to a simple cleansing of the body. This can be a warm shower or bath that both the giver and receiver take together.

Not only does the warm temperature stimulate the sense of touch, the nude and semi-nude interaction between the two is an excellent form of foreplay that will heighten the pleasure in the coming more sensual contact. The use of pleasant, soothing music and scented candles has been shown to make people more receptive to the positive vibes of a tantric massage.

Silent Communication

So much of the communication in the human world occurs without any sounds. The way someone looks at you can send deeper and more meaningful signals than the longest conversation. Tantric massage professionals say that eye contact is one of the most sacred parts of the massage experience. A lingering look through smoldering eyes can set the heart afire in an instant.

Non-verbal communication also extends to small touches that may be non-sexual when taken in isolation but that become a deluge of sinful intent together. Touch your partner throughout the day in passing – a hand on the small of the back, a leg brushing a thigh at the dinner table, or a seemingly casual touch of their hair – these little things will light a fire that will burn with the passion you have for each other.

Words of Passion

When the time comes for words, make them count. Less is more.

Just as it is with the innocuous touches through the day, start peppering your time together with words that hint at the pleasure to come. There is no need to say it out loud in conversation. Whisper it in an ear so your lips brush against their lobe. Tell them something naughty quietly in public where a thousand people are around you but you two are in a world of your own.

During the tantric massage, say out loud what you are going to do to their body, to each part of their heated, lubricated form. Describe what you love about their body and how it makes you feel. Touch around that body part but leave them to yearn for your touch without touching them.


After the mind and the loins have been saturated with a protracted daylong assault of the senses through looks, words and fleeting touches, they are ripe and aching for more. Ease into the tantric massage with light touches, flitting your palm against their exposed form. Watch them shudder as you tease a fold of sensitive, pink, slippery skin but move on before they can get release.

Scented oils are a very conducive medium for tantric massages. Some are infused with herbs and specifically designed to induce blood flow, which helps makes the flesh more sensitive and responsive to the touch. There is no need to limit touching to the hands – lips, breasts and even a wisp of breath can make your partner shudder and moan in anticipation.

Attain Bliss

The entire concept of tantric practice is about oneness with the Divine. The ancient Hindus regarded pleasure to be the ultimate reward from the heavens, an experience where earthly beings communicate, be it briefly, with the Creator. Sensual tantric massage focuses on prolonging those delectable and enlightening periods of pleasure and becoming one with the Universe for a time.

The secret behind it is self-control on the art of the recipient and skillful manipulation by the giver. It is an extended orgasm that skirts the peak before climbing again and again until the torture of deprivation melds into the sacred bliss of supernatural unity. It is truly an experience that has no equal.

Learning Tantric Massage

Despite the openness of tantric practitioners, many people miss out because they fail to realize how transformational a tantric massage orgasm can be. If you ask, “What is a tantric massage?” the simplest answer is: The most pleasurable experience you can have in the physical plane. Tantric massage techniques have that sometimes elusive but very worthwhile goal at their end.

That goal of extreme pleasure can seem like a distant dream when you have no idea what a tantric massage is. The easiest way to learn how to give a tantric massage is to receive one first. The professional masseuses at Sweet Touch have been trained extensively in the most advanced tantric massage techniques. They will guide on your journey of knowledge and pursuit of pleasure as they impart those lessons to you.

If you have been wondering if a sensual tantric massage orgasm is the way forward for your sex life, why not book a double massage so you and your partner can learn at the same time? Contact Sweet Touch today.

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