How to Have a Prostate Orgasm?

How to Have a Prostate Orgasm? near me

For most men, simply the thought of something entering their bottom is enough to generate a panic attack. It seems to be an instinct nature has hardwired into the male brain: that men are the penetrators, not the penetrated, which separates them from females and homosexual men. However, there is a general trend towards a less male-oriented approach to anal penetration and it is being led by the discussion on prostate massage. Some fans of prostate orgasms insist that it is the most pleasurable sexual experience that they have had.

What is milking the prostate?

So, what is a prostate milking? What is a prostate orgasm that they are raving about? Here is our comprehensive guide to understanding how to massage your own prostate. Use it to learn how to give yourself a prostate massage and how to have a prostate orgasm at your own pace. Prostate stimulation is commonly called prostate milking and leads to a prostate orgasm, which is sometimes referred to as the male anal orgasm. It refers to cumming from anal stimulation of the prostate gland.

What is the prostate gland?

The prostate is a small gland that is located within the male body between the anus and the testicles. It is about 2.5 cm in diameter in its resting state but, like the penis, it swells when a man is aroused. While you can feel the prostate by pressing (gently) between your testicles and anus, the only way for milking the prostate is direct stimulation with a finger or sex toy pushed into the anus. An adult’s prostate is located approximately 4 inches inside the anal opening. The prostate’s position just under the bladder means that you may feel like urinating when you stimulate it as the gland begin to push against the urinary sac. Because prostate milking to orgasm is reported to be more pleasurable than a regular orgasm, the prostate is sometimes called the male G-spot. Milking the prostate gland to a prostate orgasm doesn’t always lead to ejaculation. Prostate play is said to also have positive health effects like strengthening pelvic floor muscles, flushing out the gland and even preventing prostate cancer.

How to milk the prostate?

If you want to know how to milk your own prostate gland, use these 3 simple tips to guide you. You will go from a prostate masturbation novice to a veteran and enjoy every step of the way.

  • Lube is your friend. While the vagina secretes a natural lubricant to enhance intercourse, nature has made no such provisions for anal penetration either in men or women. Fortunately, there are good lubes made specifically for anal penetration. There are oil-based that last longer but are messy as well as water-based ones that are compatible with sex toys for milking your prostate.
  • Easy does it. The anal opening was designed for things to go in and going against nature’s designs can be… painful. Especially if you are new to milking message, go very slowly and gently. Take every precaution and pause when there is discomfort before it turns into pain. The anal opening will adapt with practice so be patient.
  • Hygiene is important. Last but certainly not least is the preparation that you have to do before a self prostate massage. The first and most natural thing is to have a bowel movement before you begin. It may also be a good idea not to eat anything in the hours prior. A self douche may be the way to go if you are especially particular about cleanliness.

One final point is that while a prostate milk massage can be an enjoyable couple’s activity, it is best to begin it alone. That way, you can explore your limits and abide by more closely to what your body is telling you without the complication of relaying instructions to anyone else.

How to massage the prostate?

As it is with many things to do with sexual enjoyment, there are few hard and fast rules about self prostate milking. There is no right way except the way that works best for you and gives you a fulfilling male prostate orgasm.


Most of us develop a comfortable and familiar position for any self-pleasure activity and prostate milking is no exception. There are three basic ways in which you can pleasure yourself or a partner.

  • Face down – this may be on your knees (better access) or lying flat (more comfortable) but is better suited to couples than for a self-massage.
  • Heels over head – this means lying on your back and pulling your feet up above your head, For those who are less flexible, this position may be modified to just bringing the knees to the chest.
  • On your side – this can be the ideal position for those who feel overexposed by the face-down stance and are no flexible enough for pulling the heels over their head. It allows adequate access but is very easy on the body.


After you have located your prostate, there are three basic strokes that you can apply for an anal milking.

  • Small circles – moving your finger in small or big circles to stimulate all around the prostate gland/
  • Pressing – this is probably what you will start with, gentle pushes against the gland to test its texture, response and the sensations.
  • Stroking – this refers to using the tip of your finger to rub against the gland. You may discover that certain parts may be more sensitive and generate more pleasure than others.

As always, there is no right way but the way that brings you the most pleasure in the most comfortable position.

Finger or Toy?

While your initial exploration should be with your own fingers, you may move on to a prostate toy milking later. Toys allow for a deeper reach and can give your tired fingers a rest. Whichever way you choose, always listen to the signs and signals your body is giving. If you want the professional experience, why not achieve an anal prostate orgasm with the help of a unique prostate massage technique?

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