How to Prepare for Erotic Massage

How to Prepare for Erotic Massage

Everything needs some measure of preparation for it to be successful. The same applies to erotic massage. While it’s nothing to stress over, there are a few preparatory tips you should consider for you to get the most out of your erotic massage session. As such, this piece highlights a few points to help you get ready for an erotic massage. Read on to discover how you can prepare yourself before your appointment.

Drink water

Although the benefits of staying hydrated are obvious, drinking ample amounts of water before a massage session is especially crucial. Water will keep your body in optimum health. Taking adequate amounts of water will improve your skin, mood, and digestion. You don’t want to get into the massage room feeling lightheaded or your belly rummaging like a set of drums simply because you are dehydrated.

Think of the Areas You Will Focus on During the Therapy

Typically, an erotic massage therapist will ask you exactly what you want before the session starts. In order to reap the most out of it, you should figure out what you want so that you don’t find yourself dissatisfied when the session ends. Although this does not mean that the therapist will dwell on those specific areas, it gives them an idea about how you would like to be pleasured. Otherwise, the therapists would be at a loss where to start without your guidelines.

Take a Shower

Taking a warm shower before an erotic massage therapy helps your muscles loosen up and enhances your mood. Having your body clean boosts your esteem and helps you feel relaxed as you head to the massage room. Although you may have taken a bath some few hours before, you should still have a shower just before your appointment. This gives you confidence that your body is clean.

Relax/Be Fully Present

The massage will be useless if you don’t consciously acknowledge what’s happening:

  • shut your mind on all other things and concentrate on the therapy;
  • enjoy every stroke and every touch and every prod;
  • respond positively to every little pleasure you feel.

Tune your mind to the conviction that you came there feel nice, and indeed will. When you acknowledge some sweet feeling, it becomes even more pleasurable. Erotic massage therapists know how to ensure that you are relaxed before the start. You should however co-operate because no one will ever get you relaxed if you do not want to.

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