Massage Oils and Lotions

Massage Oils and Lotions

With so many brands out there, choosing the right massage oil can be a daunting task. A peek into any massage paraphernalia catalogue will open a world of different seed- and nut-based massage oils and lotions. Although each of these oils and lotions has its advantages and disadvantages, you should remember that there’s no single oil or lotion that’s good on all occasions and for all purposes. Read on to know the steps you should follow as you scout for the best erotic massage oils and lotions.

Determine the Type of Erotic Massage to Be Done

Heavier oils are ideal for low-friction erotic massage while lighter oils are good for high-friction massage sessions. Heavy oils and lotions are slipperier and thus make the hand slither smoothly against the body.

Time and Place of the Massage

Note that heavier oils and lotions may get on your attire when you get dressed after the massage. As such, the heavier oils and lotions are good when you have the chance to take a shower after the sessions. If there is no shower, you should stick to lighter oils and lotions.

Consider Personal Preferences

Some people like the aromatherapy benefits associated with scented lotions and oils while others do not like the smell. Other people are allergic to certain fragrances and either like it plain or are very selective with the scents. All these ought to be factored in as you shop for the best erotic massage oils and lotions.

Consider Therapeutic Properties

There are some erotic massage oils and lotions that are laced with arnica and other chemicals to alleviate skin irritations. If you are nursing some injury you are advised to go for medicated oils and lotions. You should however avoid medicated oils and lotions if you have allergies or skin sensitivities unless the chemicals are designed to cure the same.

Some of the best massage oils:

  • Jojoba oil;
  • Castor;
  • Olive;
  • Sweet Almond;
  • Grapeseed;
  • Sesame.

However, you should beware of sellers who sell counterfeit oils while purporting that they are original. Because you do not have your own lab to conduct the chemical tests, you should purchase from reputable distributors to avoid counterfeit erotic massage oils and lotions. Ensure that the seal is intact and try smelling before you part with your money.

In our massage salon we use only the best oils with proven safety – visit us and check it by yourself.

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