Massage Your Way to an Earthly Body

Just a mention of the name ‘hemp’ seems to automatically put people on guard. Half of them look down on it as a ‘drug’ while the other half hope you are talking about a drug so they can smoke it.

Hemp does belong to the same family as the marijuana plant but it is not ‘smoke-able’. It simply does not have a high concentration of THCs, the chemical that acts on the brain to make you high.

The Versatility of Hemp

Hemp has managed to find its way into a host of other uses, though. Part of the reason for its popularity is its versatility. Not only can the plant’s products be eaten, they can also be turned into:

  • paper;
  • clothing;
  • furniture;
  • construction material (!).

This versatility translates into confidence for farmers while its low carbon footprint is great for the world. The latest hemp-based product making waves is massage oil.

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Hemp Massage Oil – An all-Rounder

Hemp oil performs well in medical research – it has shown to have a positive effect on patients with Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy.

Hemp massage oils are available in a wide variety of essences, with the all-time favourites like lavender and vanilla remaining ever-popular. Such oil is generally slightly thicker than massage oils made from other ingredients. Some may like this feature because it means more bang for your buck while others may dislike how it makes it harder for the skin to absorb. Many people agree that the viscosity makes it easier to manage and less messy.

Hemp is traditionally a very ‘hippie’ product and no surprises that most hemp massage oils often also come with an animal cruelty-free and are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Additionally, it seems to work very well as a skin moisturizer. Few massage oils are made of one product alone – you will find hemp massage oils combined with a variety of other natural oils for even better results.


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