The Non-Professional’s Guide to Giving a Professional Massage

Besides being a handy addition to your bedroom bag of tricks, massage also has many other benefits:

  • It improves blood circulation, which aids in tissue repair and alleviates pain;
  • It relaxes the muscles and makes you more limber;
  • It has been shown to decrease stress levels;
  • The above benefits also contribute to better, deeper sleep.
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Most of us are never going to spend a few years and many thousands of dollars learning professional massage and make it a career. The good news is that if you just want to improve your sex life, there are some very basic techniques that any couple can learn that are much quicker and much cheaper.

A Conducive Environment

Perhaps just as important as the massage itself is the setting because massage is best performed as a holistic experience. The senses of sight, smell, hearing and even taste contribute to a pleasant massage just as much as the sense of touch.

Soft lighting, scented candles, soothing music in a neat and clean room work best. Remember to also switch off your phones or at least silence them for the duration of the massage.

Tools of the Trade

Massage oil is not a gimmick – the slick, smooth feel of a lubricant contributes to the pleasure of the touch and the feel of skin on skin. Most oils are infused with pleasant essences that help soothe the senses and relax both the person giving and the one receiving the massage.

Don’t forget to have towels handy, especially if you are using a bed or carpet for the massage. It might be a good idea to place a plastic sheet over the area and lay the towels on it before you begin.

Do What Feels Good

Professional massage is very targeted to specific results. However, if you are just using it as a way to experiment in the bedroom, your partner’s reactions are the best guide to what works best. Try everything and discover how each move elicits a particular response and proceed with that.

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