Oral sex: full guide

Lips on lips – now there’s a magical sensation! For many women, oral sex can be the most exciting and pleasurable part of a sexual episode. The man who has this trump card up his sleeve will be setting himself up for some equally enjoyable reciprocal service.

Here are three pointers that work just as well for beginners as they do for the experienced connoisseurs.

oral sex

Location, Location, Location

The best tongue service involves an exploration of every nook and cranny. Fight the temptation to go straight to her clit – overstimulation of this sensitive bud can cause discomfort instead of ecstasy.

Elevate her hips by placing a pillow under her bum. This opens up the lips and allows her to spread her legs more comfortably. Let the exploration begin.

Easy Does It

It might be tempting to go all out and attack that welcoming cleft with your tongue’s best imitation of a propeller but try to restrain yourself. Men generally can transition from zero to ejaculation very quickly; women have a much gentler path to the peak.

Begin by licking and nipping (softly!) around the vulva. Sneak in small licks of her slit, let your breath tickle her, or your nose brush lightly over. Watch her reactions – the trembles, little gasps, her fingers gripping your hair. React in sync.

oral sex

Learn Your A-B-Cs

Yes, it’s as easy as the alphabet. Variety is the spice of life and one of the best cunnilingus tricks is to trace the shape of each letter on her clitoris with your tongue. The seemingly random strokes will keep her from getting bored and have her cooing in delight.

A Word to the Wise

Here are three cautionary pointers that every hungry man should know:

  • Stubble hurts – a clean shave is best.
  • Lubrication – especially if you want to use your fingers, too, ensure she is nice and slick first.
  • New pastures – every woman is different and so are her puffy bits. No matter how experienced you are, learn what works for your partner.

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