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One of the main differences between the Eastern and Western ways of looking at the world is that the former places a firm belief in a flow of energy within the body.

Spiritual and esoteric texts dating back millennia attest to the existence of these energies and discuss at length their properties, and the methods that can be employed to manipulate and control them. It is from and within this world of philosophy that Oriental massage was born.

pexels-photo-226326The Roots and Evolution of Oriental Massage

It can be said that Oriental massage seeks to heal on a spiritual plane as well as the physical one. From just that, the indication is that there are twofold benefits to be enjoyed by embracing this exotic therapy system.

The life force that is an essential part of Eastern philosophy is known by the Chinese as ‘chi’. A critical element of Oriental massage is the recognition of an imbalance or irregularity in the flow of this energy through energy meridians (channels). The techniques the practice employs revolve around the correction and harmonisation of chi.

The roots of the collection of techniques that we today recognise under the blanket term ‘Oriental massage’ are, however, not exclusively Chinese. The methods employed have different roots in the Asian continent, and there is heavy Japanese and Thai influence and contribution to the body of knowledge.

The available body of evidence suggests that Japanese massage was adapted from traditional Chinese techniques known as Tui Na into the system that is known today as Shiatsu. Thai massage, on the other hand, seems to be an amalgamation of spiritual techniques from both India and China, with the use of oil being especially indicative of the influence of Ayurvedic influence.

Further south, in Indonesia, there is a stronger Indian influence and less Chinese and the Indonesian Hindu island of Bali is the perfect place to experience Indonesian massage almost identical to those from India. The copious amounts of oil brought into play are a sure giveaway.

An obvious indicator of the different influences is the level of force applied to the subject. Chinese-based techniques rely more on light touches, where the masseuse uses spiritual force to manipulate the chi. Techniques from India are more on the physical plane and their application is distinctly more vigorous.

Another one of the most obvious differences between the two main roots of influence is that massage systems that have their origins in China are usually performed on a recipient (or patient) who is clad in loose clothing (but without footwear). On the other hand, the Indian-based massage systems are usually given to a recipient who is unclothed (but covered) or partially clothed.

In summary, there are a few ways to distinguish between Indian and Chinese influence in an Oriental massage:

  • Clothing: Fully (loosely) clothed – Chinese; Partially or completely nude – Indian
  • Touch: Light touch – Chinese; Vigorous – Indian
  • Medium: No oil – Chinese; With Oil – Indian

An Adult Oriental Massage

Oriental massage has deviated significantly from its Taoist roots and been adapted to the needs and requirements of a modern populace far removed from that of ancient living. The adult oriental massage does away with the bulk of the chi manipulation techniques that form the core of its traditional form.

However, the physical application of force was also always an essential part of the origins of Oriental massage. It is those techniques that receive the focus of the attention in its adult iteration today.

It can be an intensely pleasurable affair to absorb the lilting touch of an Oriental massage practitioner as she skillfully manipulates your limbs and torso into positions that are stimulating both physically and spiritually.

There is also the deliberate use of parts of her own body – torso, arms, legs and others – as a means of initiating and prolonging extended physical contact between her flesh and yours. These techniques may have their roots in ancient, platonic texts, but they are adapted for mischievous, erotic temptation in an adult Oriental massage.

Finding an Adult Oriental Massage Specialist

Fortunately for anyone looking for the modern, erotic version of Oriental massage, there is no shortage of massage establishments that offer, and even specialise in, the technique in Paris. A visit to any parlour that advertises itself as ‘Oriental’ is your safest bet. Hey, if it turns out not to be, at least you will have a great time in your search for the perfect adult Oriental massage.

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