How to Perform the Nuru Massage?

Originating in Japan, Nuru has become one of the most popular massage techniques used around the world despite being a rather recent invention. With just a few simple and easy-to-find ingredients, you can cook up a great Nuru massage experience.

What You Need for a Nuru Massage

Before you begin, you will need the basics:How to perform in nuru massage. - Blog

  • Nuru gel – colourless, odourless and stain-free, this seaweed-based gel is the magical true star of every Nuru massage.
  • Air mattress – Basically, any vinyl-like material that offers frictionless motion when coated in gel. Avoid fabrics as they will absorb the gel and reduce its effectiveness.
  • Warm water – Nuru gel must be mixed to the right consistency by adding water.
  • Towels.

Preparation for a Nuru Massage

Firstly, leave the Nuru gel in a container or sink of warm water. Set up the room with candles, dim lighting and scent diffusers as desired.

Meanwhile, both partners should take a warm-hot shower or have a luxurious soak in a tub. This is both for foreplay and to warm the flesh for the best results with the Nuru gel.

After your shower/soak, do not dry off – just move to the air bed. Have a bowl of warm water ready and remove the Nuru gel from where it has been warming.

The Nuru Massage Procedure

The massage recipient lays on the air mattress while the masseuse mixes the gel with the water to the right consistency. The gel is then lathered copiously all over their own body. Then, more gel is lathered onto the recipient until both people are covered.

The masseuse then places herself on her partner and sides herself all over. The participants may exchange places, slide back to back, front to front, in a ‘69’ and even at 90 degrees to each other.

The virtually frictionless Nuru gel creates unbelievably sensual sensations and makes for a uniquely erotic experience.

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