Sex for One Night: Pros and Cons

Sex for One Night: Pros and Cons

The thrill of sex is what sets us apart from the overwhelming bulk of Creation. Still, the ability and freedom to have intimate relations with whom we want and when we want is not universal even today, and has been even more rare in the past. But does this increased freedom come at a price?

The Pros

A one night stand is a great way to experiment and discover the real you in bed. There are no restrictions on what is acceptable because you will never see your partner for the night again. You can let your hair down and just concentrate on the pleasure of the moment and try things that you have never had the courage to before.

Orgasms make you look good. We are not joking here – the more sex you have, the better you will look. Research has shown that the release of hormones in the body during an orgasm actually serve to:

  • make the skin glow;
  • make your hair shine.

Not just physically, orgasms are great for your psychological health as well as a natural stress buster. Casual sex more often will reduce anxiety and it also works great to boost your self-esteem.

The Cons

How we wish we could have stopped at the end of that previous paragraph. Unfortunately, there is a flip side to every coin, and one night stands are no exception.

STDs. Yes, those three dreaded letters together which stand for Sexually Transmitted Diseases are the first and foremost con, and one that has become widespread in recent years. From the relatively simple ‘crabs’ to the more serious Hepatitis strains and the other dreaded three letter acronym, HIV, one night stands are a breeding ground for disease even when you use protection.

Emotions are the other major consideration. For all the freedom, we are inherently emotional creatures; either you or your partner may develop sentimental attachment that the intimacy of sexual encounters carries, which may not be able to be reciprocated. And that has been the premise behind quite a number of Hollywood movies as well as a depressing thought for all concerned.

Ultimately, weighing pros and cons is less important than striking a healthy balance in your sexual life. Develop a healthy attitude towards sex by avoiding the trap of addiction and practicing safe sex always.

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