Squirt: Female ejaculation

In a world that seems obsessed with proving that women can do anything a man can do, we are now inundated with questions from women about “squirting”. The most “scientific” term for this phenomenon is perhaps “female ejaculation.” The scourge of real relationships, porn movies, seems to be pushing towards a narrative that ejaculating is the ultimate orgasm and something that every woman should aspire to . The evidence, however, seems to indicate that it is a fabricated lie. Surprise! Porn is wrong!


What is female ejaculation?

The female ejaculate comes from the glands in the erectile tissue around the urethra. A relatively small amount of fluid is produced and released. It is a lubricant very similar to male ejaculation without sperm.The Journal of Sexual Medicine has published a study on women who claimed they squirted when they had an orgasm. Each woman’s experiments were captured on ultrasound and the fluid was then analyzed. Ultrasound showed that much of the substance came from the bladder. Laboratory results revealed the presence of

  • urea;
    Uric acid.
    It was urine. A real female ejaculate was present and, in some cases, mixed with the urine.

A mania of money

You can attend introductory classes for a nice amount of your hard-earned money. Take a closer look at these classes and you will notice that they cause the women to relax their pelvic muscles and put pressure on the G-spot, which will then rest on the urethra. Essentially, they cause women to pee.

Should I squirt?

If you like it and enjoy it, go for it! Your body and your sexual experiences are yours. Do not let anyone tell you to do or do anything harmless to others. Just be careful not to let yourself be manipulated by Keeping Up with Mrs. Jones in a fad.

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