Striptease or Erotic Massage?

It is impossible to suppress the libido – it is not actually your body that craves sexual release; it’s your mind. An entire industry has sprung up around this desire and the average person is spoiled for choice.
However, two options are more popular than all the others combined – striptease and erotic massage. Here, we take a closer look at both and find out which is the better option for you.
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A visit to a strip club is an expensive outing. Most people are fine with the ‘you get what you pay for’ concept but strip clubs use dubious techniques to compel you to spend without delivering the goods.
The highest mark-ups at a strip joint are on alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. It is not limited to you and your friends but also for the girls who spend time with you. Remember, they are not even stripping at the time! There may also be other expenses like cover charges.
On the other hand, an erotic massage is a very honest and up-front transaction. You specify the service that you want and you pay for that service alone. Tips are appreciated but entirely up to you.


One feature that you will notice in strip clubs is that there are cameras recording at the entry point, at the bar and possibly even other areas. If you are hoping to be anonymous and not have anyone know you visited, it is almost impossible.
On the other hand, an erotic massage establishment rarely has cameras anywhere. If you opt for an outcall, you can choose a location that is perfect for your privacy needs. If you pay by card, many erotic massage providers appear as unrelated services on your bill.


This is the single most important difference:

  • Striptease is all about look, don’t touch.
  • Erotic massage is all about the touch.

Which would you rather have?
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