Striptease vs. Erotic Massage

A long day, a long week, a hectic year and all the pressures that come with it. Now, it is time to unwind and you have two appealing choices before you: a striptease or an erotic massage. Where will you spend your time and hard-earned money? We help you weigh the pros and cons of each and make the right choice.

Why choose a striptease?


A strip club can be an exciting place and the vibe is often a combination of a regular club with some nudity thrown in. There is no doubt that there will be a variety of girls and that you can appreciate their form without committing to anything. It also works for groups of guys who want a noisy and alcohol-fueled night on the town.

In most strip clubs, a striptease can be in various forms. This ranges from watching a dancer on a stage from afar to the most intimate kind, a lap dance. If you are not sure where (or whether) you want to spend your money, a little bit of time just looking around at a strip club can help you decide.

There are literally no benefits to the body and mind from a striptease. In fact, the exposure to alcohol and smoke even works against your wellness.

Why choose an erotic massage?

Erotic massages are a step above the usual striptease experience. This is a constant factor in terms of both the benefits and the quality of the night you have. Here, we look at the myriad erotic massage benefits.



Erotic MassageThe most intimate of stripteases, the lap dance, does not even come remotely close to providing the same level of intimacy of an erotic massage. While the stripper can grind on you, there is virtually no direct skin-to-skin contact; everything is hampered by at least one layer of clothes.

On the other hand, the erotic massage is built entirely around the contact of flesh on flesh. It does not matter if you are having a sensual Swedish massage, tantric massage or nuru massage – everything is about the bare flesh of an attractive masseuse on yours.


If you visited a strip club before, you know that you would have spent more than you would have guessed. That is not just on the performances but also on the drinks purchased. On the other hand, an establishment that offers massage gives you a fixed list of services that you can choose in advance.

By opting for a specific massage, as tame or as wild as you like, you can lock in the amount that you want to spend. There is no hassling for overpriced drinks and you won’t have to fight through the fog of alcohol to make rational decisions and spend wisely.


Strip clubs offer a very limited range of services. After all, how many ways are there to dance seductively? For most people, the experience at a strip club is the same as all the others they have visited.

Strip girls

An erotic massage is entirely different. Want a different type of massage, a different masseuse, different music and different oils? We will customize every element to give you exactly what you want. Hey, if you miss the stripper experience, you can even have a masseuse give you a strip massage!

Apart from this, massages are proven to be beneficial to your body, mind and even the libido. Your ultimate choice between a striptease and an erotic massage will probably come down to your personal preferences.

If you have tried them both in the past, it will be obvious that an erotic massage promises a more refined and much more memorable experience.

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