The Beauty of Massage

The eyes seek the most mesmerising sights; the ears, the most beautiful sounds; the nose, the most delightful aromas; and the tongue yearns for the most delectable flavours. The largest organ of the body is the skin and it forever craves the most sensuous touch.
Master the art of touch and you can master people, control their mood and hold their pleasure, literally, in your hands. You can become a goddess walking the earth.
But how?
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The Art of Massage

If ambrosia is the food of the gods, then massage is their touch. Erotic massage is much deeper and far more complex than the simple rubbing and kneading that most people think it is. True erotic massage is a prolonged experience that can be a spiritual awakening and bring you in touch with your inner consciousness.
The expert masseuse knows this and uses her charm as well as her body to take you on a journey of sexual discovery. When done right, she can help you conquer a litany of problems, including:

  • tension;
  • poor circulation;
  • aches and pains;
  • injuries;
  • premature ejaculation;
  • buildup of toxins.

Some people even report a rise in their fertility after stimulating massage sessions.

The Right Ingredients

As with any practice, preparation is the key to a good massage session. A good masseuse will have the room warmed to a pleasant temperature, various aromatherapy candles and controlled lighting to set the desired mood. The massage surface can be a firm bed fitted with luxurious sheets or a professional table.
Massage oils give a smooth and slick sensation to every touch, increasing the pleasure the experience produces.
The nude body is your most potent tool, though, and must be harnessed properly to maximise its power. Some experts suggest that both the masseuse and the recipient be nude at all times to improve the flow of sexual energy between their bodies.
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