The Mysterious Origins of Erotic Massage

erotic massageOur eyes enjoy erotic images. Smells and sounds arouse us. Even our sense of taste can heighten our excitement. Still, it is the sense of touch that we hunger for most in intimate moments.

The immense power of physical contact as a source of ecstatic pleasure is something that we still do not completely understand. Touch has the power to create pleasurable sensations which lie at the root of erotic massage. But how did erotic massage become such an important part of physical contact?

A Natural Instinct

The human need for physical intimacy starts at the very beginning of our lives. Mothers immediately hold their newborn children and both parents shower physical affection upon their kids.

The human mind does not have to be told that touch can bring pleasure and alleviate pain. It is the most natural instinct and even little children immediately rub a spot where they are injured while most of us automatically knead our tired and sore muscles.

People from different civilizations across all corners of the world recognized the healing power of massage at some point in the distant past. While we don’t know exactly when this happened, we see this from the different schools of massage found in:

  • Sweden.
  • Japan.
  • India.
  • Thailand.
  • China.
  • Bali.

It must have quickly dawned on the minds of the people receiving the massages that while the massage was meant to be therapeutic, there was also an undeniable element of pleasure associated with the intimate contact. It inspired bolder individuals to develop massage techniques that focused specifically on recreating that pleasure. Thus, erotic massage was born.

The Evolution of Erotic Massage

The development of erotic massage techniques was also affected by rules and regulations in different countries. The perfect example of this is nuru massage from Japan.

Japanese law prohibits penetrative sex for money. Japanese massage parlours worked their way around it by developing nuru, a new form of body to body massage. It involves the use of a very slippery but colourless and odourless seaweed-based gel. The nuru gel is applied to both the masseuse and client before the masseuse rubs her entire body against the client’s.

While nuru is a modern variant of erotic massage, erotic traditions still exist that are millennia old. One example is the tantric erotic massage that has its origins in ancient India. The Hindu Kamasutra (literally, the «Manual of Pleasure») captures the world’s imagination and it is easy to overlook how the techniques it teaches have been incorporated into erotic massage techniques from India. The focus of tantric massage is to prolong the build-up and the orgasm for as long as possible.

Today, the ease with which we can travel and access information means that vastly different schools of massage can learn from each other. It is possible to get a tantric massage in Sweden and a nuru massage in Thailand. Masseuses continue to innovate and develop a range of varied techniques. The more they learn, the greater the pleasure that they can provide you.

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