The Positive Effect of Erotic Massage

The Positive Effect of Erotic Massage

Many people think that erotic massage is only done to experience brief satisfaction. However, the truth is that erotic massage has positive effects that go beyond the erotic gratification you experience during the massage. If you don’t believe this, this article explores 5 positive effects of erotic massage. Read on to discover why you should give erotic relaxation a more serious thought.

Relieves Stress

Although everyone feels more relaxed after an erotic massage session, few understand the chemistry behind this. An erotic touch triggers the secretion of oxytocin throughout the body – a helpful hormone that reduces stress. Besides acting as a stress reliever, studies have borne out the fact that oxytocin can also:

  • boost one’s learning capabilities;
  • enhance memory function;
  • accelerate healing of wounds.

Better Heart Function

Erotic massage often leads to orgasm. Research has found that one can reduce the risk of stroke and other cardiovascular complications up to 50 per cent from about three orgasms/ejaculations a week. Separate studies have also linked sexual climax to reduced cases of high blood pressure and heart attack.

Increased Immunity

Erotic massage will get you feeling generally better and things such as common cold and summer flu will be kept at bay. One or two erotic sessions a week can lead to increased secretion of immunoglobulin A by about 30 per cent. This reduces your chances coming down with opportunistic diseases and a lot of healthy time to do your stuff in perfect health.

Improved Sleep

You may assume that everyone is sound asleep during the night but there are some folks who don’t sleep a wink. If you are among those that experience restless nights, then an erotic massage session once a day will ease you into great relaxation that you have never experienced before.

The relaxation you achieve during a massage session catalyses the production of prolactin – the substance that induces sleep. As such, you will most likely lapse into deep slumber shortly after an erotic session. Those sleeping pills will soon render you unable to sleep without them, and will finally stop working.

Alleviates Pain/Strain

If you feel exhausted after strenuous routines, then erotic massage is all you need. Sometimes people make the mistake of taking painkillers while their headache is linked to mere fatigue. Forget about that Panadol. The pleasure hormones released during erotic massage are enough to relieve your pain. Painkillers only serve to attenuate your body – a relaxing massage session is all you need.

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