What Are the Dos and Don’ts of Erotic Massage?

What Are the Dos and Don'ts of Erotic Massage?

Erotic massage offered in SweetTouch massage salon is great for:

  • wild pleasure;
  • enhanced blood circulation;
  • healthy nervous system;
  • relieving stress.

However, some strict principles should be adhered to for erotic massage to yield the desired results. Read on to know some of the dos and don’ts of erotic massage.

The Main Dos of Erotic Massage

DO: Make sure you create a calm environment without distractions. Avoid carrying your phone to the massage room unless it is switched off. Make sure that your mind is on the massage and nothing else. You can however have some soothing music playing in the back. Ensure that it is not too loud because it may distract your concentration.

DO: The temperature in the room should be well considered. Experts recommend 75 degrees as the ideal temperature for a massage parlor. These degrees ensure that you are absolutely comfortable when naked. The gist is to make sure that the room feels room enough.

DO: Use massage oils and lotions. For a truly sensual massage, you need to have enough lubrication. You should however ensure that you do not apply too much oil. Do not use petroleum based oils, instead go for oils and lotions that are specifically designed for erotic massage such as Durex oil.

DO: You should vary your strokes while doing a massage. Although repetition is good for maximum effect, it will become boring if it’s overdone. Remember that your goal is to pleasure the client, not to lull them to sleep. Once you find that they enjoy a certain stroke, you should come back to it often instead of repeating.

Things to Never Do in Erotic Massage

DON’T: Don’t use a squishy bed. The massage bed ought to be prepared with meticulous care. A good massage surface should be soft but firm. Avoid spongy mattresses that easily yield to pressure.

DON’T: Do not enter the erotic massage room with your jewelry on. Remove things like watches and bracelets to avoid ski-pinching.

DON’T: Do not pour the oil on the skin while doing the massage. Instead, you should pour the oil on your palms and let your warmth bring it to the right temperature. After this, apply the oil by gently rubbing your palm against their skin.

DON’T:  Do not mistake your client/partner for a punching bag. Always apply gentle pressure because excess force may elicit pain instead of pleasure. To be sure that you do not over do it, you should place one hand flat on your client and then punch its back with the other to absorb any excess pressure.

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