The Yoni Vagina Massage

Part of the reason that massage is so popular is that it is extremely effective at relieving stress from both the body and the mind. With the proper training, though, massage can progress from a simple stress release mechanism to an instrument of great sexual power.

The perfect example of this is the yoni vagina massage.

The HistoryYoni massage | Sweettouch

The yoni vagina massage may have entered the Western sphere relatively recently but it has been part of the ancient tantric knowledge of India for millennia. The word ‘y’ refers to the vagina in Sanskrit. However, the direct translation means ‘sacred place’.

The original techniques were honed by dedicated tantric practitioners over lifetimes. Today, the great body of language is used by professional yoni massage therapists to deliver similar experiences the world over.

There is no need to pay a professional for a yoni vagina massage. It can be a journey of discovery between two individuals with no training but simply a shared desire to unlock the esoteric power of the sacred place.

The Preparation

Despite the focus on the vagina and on the exchange of pleasure, an orgasm is not critical to a yoni vagina massage. Of course, most people who indulge find that it is an inevitable by-product of the experience.

Certain subtle differences make the yoni vagina massage the powerhouse of sensuality and catalyst for sexual bonding that it is. Make sure you adhere to these guidelines to unlock the full power of the experience that you are about to share:

environment is key – the massage must be performed in a safe, secure, conducive place;

undressing is part of the ritual – visualize yourself shedding inhibitions as you shed your clothes;

nude meditation should precede the massage, preferably with both people facing each other.

The Massage

The recipient should lie on her back but there should be a pillow under her shoulders and/or head so that she can see her yoni and also the giver. Placing pillows under the knees further improves access. Talking should be minimal, preferably limited to the recipient guiding the giver. The giver should caress the erotic zones, including the breasts, buttocks, hips and abdomen.

A warm oil greatly improves the sensations both individuals enjoy. Pour it over the pubic mound and rub the outer vagina lips before moving to the inner lips. Gently squeezing the lips between finger and thumb while rubbing up and down.

Stimulate the clitoris with your other hand as you do this. Some women enjoy the sensation of the anus being caressed and this can be incorporated into the yoni massage, too.

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