5 Things NOT to Do During an FBSM (Full Body Sensual Massage)

FBSM is the acronym for Full Body Sensual Massage. Full Body Sensual Massage - Sweettouch, ParisThe masseuse may be nude or semi-nude while the client is usually nude. A ‘release’ or ‘happy ending’ is part of the FBSM experience. The exact sexual nature of the release may be discussed with the provider.

If you have never had an FBSM before, or if you have been doing it all wrong, here a 5 pointers to make for a great experience.

1. Don’t forget that the masseuse is in charge

FBSM is a passive experience for the client – the masseuse runs the show because she has the knowledge and experience to ensure that you get the most out of it. Relax, let her take the lead and prepare to have your mind blown.

2. Don’t treat her like a prostitute

Don’t let the subtleties of the definitions be lost on you. FBSM is not a sexual transaction in the way someone might pick a hooker. It is a physical, sensual release of sexual energy that is an experience to be had. Give her that respect.

3. Don’t touch without permission

It is easy to get caught up in the overwhelming pleasure of the FBSM experience; enjoy it, don’t exploit it. Most FBSM masseuses have boundaries and if you are not sure, ask and find out instead of just launching into an awkward physical encounter that will make it terribly embarrassing for you both.

4. Don’t pry

Small talk is a part of the experience and your masseuse will engage you in conversation to put you at ease. Be friendly but don’t overdo it – too many girls tell nightmare stories of a well-meaning clients who just did not realise their questions were venturing into stalker territory.

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