The Basics of an Erotic Massage at Home

Massage really is magic… and not just when you have a professionally-trained masseuse or masseur manipulating your aching muscles with their practised hands. Even a simple but sensual rubdown from your partner can set both your pulses racing and inject your regular play with a healthy dose of excitement.

Here are four basic tips that will have you both reaping the benefits of touch even if you have no idea how to give a massage.

Erotic massage at home

1. Start with light touches

You don’t have to learn a single technical massage stroke – simply use a light touch to flit your hands all over his body. Make sure to give his erogenous zones only the briefest of touches to start building the anticipation.

2. Add something spicy

Nothing gets blood flowing like a tiny flitter of pain. Use that to your advantage by using a light slapping motion to get his circulation going. You can also use your nails to rake his flesh – most men cannot get enough of that combination of feminine touch and delicious bit of discomfort.

3. Use ‘innocent’ touch

Deliberate stimulation is all well and good but both men and women crave seemingly innocent touches that straddle the border between pure sexual contact and erotic innocence. Lean over him so your breasts rub or slide across his back, buttocks, legs or even his face. Remember to be brief and subtle or the effect is lost.

4. …then use your body

Professional massage is performed with

  • hands;
  • elbows;
  • knees;
  • feet.

But you don’t have to abide by anyone’s rules – your body is the ultimate massage instrument. Feel free to use your breasts and even your tight glutes to him convey exactly what you have in mind.

The great thing about a home massage is that there are no limitations to what you and do and how you do it other than your combined imagination.

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