Complete Guide to Erogenous Zones

Do you wonder about your performance in the bedroom? Does the spectre of not being able to satisfy your partner give you sleepless nights?

There is a remedy, and it might be much simpler than you suspect. No pills, no pelvic exercises, no vile concoctions, all you have to do is read on a little.

Erogenous Zones Massage

The Secret Places

There are certain places on the human body that are more perceptive of, and receptive to stimulation. They can intensify arousal instantly and exponentially. These spots are called erogenous zones.

There are two different types of erogenous zones.

Common Zones

Firstly, there are generic zones – these are common to everyone. Examples of generic erogenous zones are:

  • The ears.
  • The neck.
  • The centre of the back between the shoulder blades.
  • The belly.
  • The buttocks.
  • The genitalia.
  • The ankles and feet.

They say that a good way to gauge where a common erogenous zone is on a woman is to see where she wears jewellery or accessories. You will notice that most women will wear delicate chains, pendants and rings on many of the regions on the list above.

Individual Zones

The second type of erogenous zone is the individual-specific zone. These are parts of someone’s body outside the generic zones that are especially receptive to sensual touch. They may be located on spots which would not normally be regarded as sexual.

Erogenous Feature: SweetTouch Erotic Massage

Some examples are:

  • The crook of the elbow.
  • The back of the knees.
  • The scalp.

These spots can sometimes be even more effective than the generic spot at getting an individual sexually aroused. By identifying these spots on your partner, you can easily turn an ordinary sexual escapade into an adventure to remember.

There are pitfalls, too. Remember not to concentrate solely on any one or few zones – over-stimulation can be even worse than not stimulating them at all. Lastly, remember that gentleness is the name of the game – use soft, fleeting touch instead of heavy-handed presses.

Your partner will love you for it.

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