Egyptian Orgasm: Explore Some Exotics

Most ancient cultures had a far greater understanding of the unseen forces that affect our lives than many of us could imagine. What remains of their esoteric knowledge is fragmented or reaches us through filters that dilute its true power.

One such element of ancient knowledge is the Egyptian concept of the ‘ankh’. You may have seen this symbol in documentaries – it looks like a cross except that above the horizontal line is not a vertical line but a loop.

This ankh symbol was how the Egyptians visualised the flow of energy as viewed from the side of a standing person.

How does this relate to Sex?

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Other ancient civilizations like India which spawned the Hindu and Buddhist chakra system viewed every orgasm as lost prana or life energy. The chakra system allowed energy to dissipate through chakras at the head and feet of a person.

What the Egyptians seem to have discovered is that the energy that may be lost at orgasm can, in fact, be re-routed to stay within the individual. This would mean that every orgasm would not drain you of life energy but recycle that energy within you over and over again.

If done right, this could be the secret to eternal life.

The Step-by-Step Guide to the Egyptian Orgasm

The Egyptian Orgasm is also called ‘ankhing’. Like the ankh, the chakras of the body may be used as conduits of prana. You can understand and harness this life force yourself with every orgasm with a little practice. Here is how:

  1. When you feel an orgasm building, pay attention to the way the sexual energy feels like a coiled spring at the base of your spine.
    Just before this point, take a deep breath that fills your lungs to 90% capacity and hold it.
  2. At the moment of orgasm, this spring will unleash its energy up your spine. Track the flow of energy as it travels and until it reaches the fifth chakra just above the base of the sternum. At this point, use your mind to will the energy into the start of the loop of the ankh which comes out of the back at the fifth chakra.
  3. Once this happens, the prana will continue on its path of the ankh loop and re-enter your body through the same chakra but this time from the front. You will feel a jolt at this point.
  4. Immediately, take another breath that fills your lungs to 100% capacity. Exhale very slowly; the prana will travel along the path of the ankh as long as you exhale.
  5. Continue to breathe deeply. You will feel the prana entering every cell of your body, rejuvenating it and filling you with a vitality like no other. The feeling transcends physical bounds and people report emotions of extreme bliss that encompass them even after the orgasm itself has subsided.
  6. Control your breathing and allow it to slow to normal gently.

Words can only convey so much. This is a technique that has to be practiced to fully understand and benefit from.

The Ankh came to symbolise life itself for the ancient Egyptians millennia ago, as they discovered ways to build wondrous monuments and discovered secrets that elude us today. The secret to eternal life through the Ankh may just be one of the most significant.

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