Erogenous Zones and Their Importance for Erotic Massage

Erogenous Zones and Their Importance for Erotic Massage

A successful erotic massage should focus on the key erogenous zones. Both men and women have different erogenous zones. Further, these zones may also slightly vary from one woman to another, and the same applies to men. As such, erotic massage therapists should seek client directions before the session kicks off. Read on to discover key erogenous zones in men and women and why effective erotic massage should pay attention to them.


Unknown to most women out there, the ear is a key erotic zone in men. To scintillate him to the heavens, swirl your tongue into his ears and suck on the lobes. The right ear is more erotic than the left one. The right ear is positioned on the side of the brain that controls happiness. Whisper into his right ear what you would like to do to him and see how wild he gets. The ear is also an erogenous zone to some women and the procedure above may also prove helpful to them.


The clitoris is definitely the most sensitve erogenous zone in the female anatomy. For the wildest session, start with feather-light touches as you slowly gather momentum to a soft grinding feeling. Use of couple-friendly sex toys may come in handy while doing clitoral stimulation.


The entire neck is not a male erogenous zone. The areas above the collarbone and the start of the hairline are erogenous in most men. For the most thrilling sensation, these erogenous areas respond well when coupled with another move such as nibbling at his ear lobes. Do it gently and teasingly to excite the best out of him.


The female lips have very sensitive nerve endings that get a woman thoroughly stimulated if lightly kissed. However, the kiss should be light, increasing the intensity with the next. Kissing works the best when coupled with another erotic move.


Scrotum is a top male erogenous zone that responds to well licking, light caresses, and sucking. Note that if you do not do it gently the skin will lose sensitivity. Remember the testicles are just there and they are delicate. You don’t want to spoil his ardor!


They are perhaps the most sensitive area in the female anatomy, after the clitoris. The nipple is the most sensitive part of the breast. It responds well to:

  • light taps;
  • gentle sucking;
  • light caresses.

For right-handed women, the left breast is more sensitive. For the left-handed, the right one is the area to go for.

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