Erotic Massage: Tips for Beginners

Erotic Massage: Tips for Beginners

You may feel a bit uneasy if it is your first time to go for erotic massage. You should not worry if you feel tense as you head to the erotic massage parlor as this feeling is quite normal for beginners. The following tips are meant to help novices get the best out of their erotic massage sessions. Read on to know how to make the most out of the session.


Although you go for a massage in order to feel relaxed among other reasons, some measure of relaxation is required for you to get the most out of it:

  • switch off your phone and consciously forget everything else;
  • focus on the massage;
  • think about how you would like to feel during the massage.

Set the Scene

You will not get a soothing massage if the room itself does not look soothing. Make sure that the room is tidy, welcoming, and clean. Remove distractions like electronic devices, piles of papers, among others. Shut the door and lower the curtains. Create a sense of wicked privacy and you will be already turned on before the masseuse arrive.

Take Warm Shower and Set the Right Temperature

Taking a shower before the massage will ensure that your body is clean. It also gives you confidence and boosts your self-esteem – the two are imperative for a fruitful erotic massage session. If you keep on worrying that your body might be dirty you won’t enjoy the massage. A warm shower loosens your muscles and boosts circulation of blood around the body. Setting the right temperature ensures that you are comfortable while naked.

Choose the Right Oils And Lotions

The type of oils and lotions will be determined by a number of factors such your health status and your personal tastes. Unless you are allergic to them, choose the oils and lotions that personally please you. Remember that the session is about you and your happiness.


One of the best ways to prepare for an erotic massage session is to premeditate upon it. Think of the areas on which you want the session to focus. Figure out the exact feelings you look forward to experiencing during your appointment. This is a great tip for those that find themselves unable to relax during erotic massage. Focusing on your body and the therapy will automatically keep distractions at bay.

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