History of lingam massage

Before we delve into the history of the eponymous massage, it is necessary to discover what the lingam itself is.
History of lingam massage paris

What is the Lingam?

Common at both the entrance and the centre of Indian temples, the Lingam or Shivling is a phallic stone carving that is the representation of Shiva, the power of creation of the male force of the universe. The Shivling rests in the centre of a circular or elliptical disc called the Yoni which in turn is a representation of Shakti, the female source of universal Creation in Hinduism.

The word ‘Lingam’ itself simply means ‘symbol’ in the ancient Indian language of Sanskrit but can be adapted widely. As ‘Shiva Lingam’ it is the symbol of Shiva.

As the symbol of male procreative power, the phallus shape of the lingam has become representative of the erect penis, as it seems it was always intended. A Lingam Massage is a massage that centres on the penis, although the process of stimulation may be both direct and indirect. A Lingam Massage differs from a normal body massage in that the prime focus remains solely on penile stimulation rather than the erogenous zones of the entire body.

Ancient Hindu Secrets

The awe with which they viewed the cycle of life and death gave the ancient Hindus a deep reverence for all processes involved in the creation of Life, a process which even modern science cannot fully explain, let alone recreate. Through treatises like the Kamasutra (Manual of Earthly Pleasure), we know that the Indians embraced all that was pleasurable because so many sexual techniques were listed there.

We also know is that there are hundreds of variations of the Lingam Massage that are practiced today. These vary in:

  • The lightness or firmness of the grip.
  • Whether it is single- or double-handed.
  • The speed of the strokes applied.
  • The positioning of the fingers and thumb.
  • The type of lubrication applied.
  • Many other factors.

However, the worship of the Lingam through pleasure in Indian culture far out-dates even the Kamasutra, and the true origins of the Lingam Massage will perhaps always remain unknown to the world.

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