Magical Guide to a Lingam Massage

Through the translation from Sanskrit of the Hindu Manual of Wordly Pleasure, the Kamasutra, the world uncovered secrets of the flesh that have transformed countless relationships for the better. One of those secrets is that of the Lingam massage. The Sanskrit term ‘Shiv Ling’ means Symbol of Shiva and refers to the phallic carving at the entrance to temples. In context, it is the ‘Symbol of Life’.

The lingam massage has one ultimate purpose – to provide the most intense build-up and orgasm for a man through the manipulation of his penis and associated areas, and is the closest thing to phallic worship that exists today. However, by no means is the practice a one-way avenue; the giver of the massage receives just as much pleasure.

How to Give a Lingam Massage

Preparation for a Lingam Massage

To reap the full benefits of a lingam massage, you need to prepare.

Mental Preparation

Because a lingam massage requires complete inhibition to be enjoyed fully, the challenge is to open up the man’s mind to be able to receive that pleasure, which means conquering his fears and exposing his vulnerabilities. Speak softly and urge him to release himself to his senses and embrace the infinite possibilities of pleasure.

The Room

The room where the lingam massage is to be performed must be warm but not hot so the lack of clothing will not become a discomfort. Darken the room for atmosphere but visuals are a major part of lingam massages so make sure it is not too dark. Soft music with Indian instruments like the sitar can be immensely effective in setting the mood.

The Accessories

Selecting the right oil not only assists but also enhances the lingam massage experience for you both. Have a range of them handy and choose what both your partner and your feel works best at the time. Warming the oil helps increase its flow and enhances the sensation produced when it touches skin.

How to Give a Lingam Massage

The massage itself should follow a general sequence.


The lingam massage should be preceded by a full-body massage that opens up the body’s pores and prepares it for the pleasure to come.


Use pillows and cushions so your man is in the most comfortable position. Besides his head and neck, support under his lower back and knees may also help enhance the experience. Place yourself wherever it is most conducive for you. You can both shift as and when you like – there are no rules other than the pursuit of pleasure.


Connection is essential – lock eyes and look into each other’s souls for a while as the atmosphere envelops you. Place one hand on the centre of his chest and the other on his lingam and be the channel of energy flow between them.

The Massage Spots

The lingam is the focus and the surrounding area helps to centre the pleasure. The testes and even the perineum between them and the anus help build the sensations in the lingam.

The Lingam

Variation is key until you discover together what feels best. There are an infinite variety of movements:

  • One hand or two;
  • Fast or slow;
  • Upward or downward strokes or both;
  • Vertical strokes or circular.

These moves in isolation and combination create the massage and orgasm of a lifetime and strengthen the bonds between you.

They say, the journey is more important than the destination and the journey of discovery of the lingam massage can be an irreplaceable part of your sex life as you uncover its true potential.

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