Male and Female Erogenous Zones

Male and Female Erogenous Zones

In every physical relationship, there are few topics which people have spent more time wondering about and discussing than what turns their partner on. Knowledge of what turns your partner on is crucial to happy, healthy and mutually satisfying intimacy.

Despite the obvious differences in male and female bodies, there are several erogenous zones that coincide so knowing your own body can help you give your partner pleasure, also.

For Him and Her

Of these, the one that consistently ranks highly is the mouth and lips. Both men and women admit that the feel of their partner’s own mouth and tongue, as well as their fingers, one their lips is one of the most stimulating sexual experiences. Scientists say that besides the proven sexual benefits, it also contributes immensely to building trust and love in a relationship.

Another favorite is the ears and the area immediately behind them. The feel of heated breath from the whispering of sweet nothings, the flick of a tongue, or teeth gently tugging at an earlobe are also sensations that drive both men and women wild.

Most of us discover in high school that the neck is a reserve of extremely pleasurable sensations through the hickey. The feel of a hot mouth and warm tongue caressing this pleasure center is an old trick that never loses its appeal. The neck is a 360-degree center of delight.

The last of the shared erogenous zones are the nipples. Despite being non-functional in men, nipples have retained as many nerve endings as in females, making both oral and digital stimulation extremely gratifying for both.

The genital area is commonly the most erogenous part of both male and female bodies.

In women, the crux of the pleasure is the clitoris and in males, its equivalent is the penis. All manner of stimulation works wonders although it is best to discover exactly what your partner like best. In males, the scrotum is also a very sexually sensitive area.

For Women (Almost) Exclusively

Women seem to have particular erogenous zones that have no equivalent in most men. Among these are:

  • the insides of the wrists and elbows;
  • the backs of the knees;
  • the middle of the back and the feet.

These areas usually respond best to light kisses and gentle strokes.

Each individual is unique and the thrill of discovery is amplified by the ecstasy of gratification when your partner and you spend time to discover each other’s anatomy intimately. Erotic massage is a good way to discover your and your partner’s body.

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