The Happy Ending Massage — Dos and Don’ts

happy ending massage If life was a fairy tale, we would get happy endings all the time. Unfortunately, real life is very different. A ‘happy ending’ in the world of massage is even more so. So what does this term mean and how do you go about asking for the right way?

What is a «Happy Ending»?

The happiest ending for an erotic massage client is an orgasm and that is exactly what is meant by the term ‘happy ending’. It is the culmination of a massage that is meant to arouse and excite you, and then end in a climax.

The duration of the massage can vary depending on a number of factors. This includes the session duration you choose (usually between 30 minutes and 1 hour), the skill of the masseuse, how well you communicate with her and, finally, your personal ability to control your release.

If you have asked for an erotic massage in advance, or if you are at an establishment that specialises in erotic massages, the happy ending is usually part of the package. However, things are not always so clear cut. Sometimes, you need to ask the masseuse to begin the ‘next stage’ of the massage. There are a few right ways and many, many wrong ways to do this.

The Wrong Ways

A masseuse, just like any individual working in any profession, must be treated with respect. However, some people tend to overlook this because they are paying for a service. This usually results in a negative experience for everyone involved. Some of the things to avoid are:

  • Talking to her disrespectfully.
  • Touching her inappropriately (the exact rules depend on the establishment and the service you order).
  • Displaying anger.
  • Demanding services for which you have not initially requested.

All of these will usually mean that you will not receive a happy ending… and possibly have an issue with the administration and security staff.

The Right Approach

The first step to asking for a happy ending is to ensure that you are in a massage parlour that does provide the service. Asking the question in the wrong place can lead to intense embarrassment, a lot of awkwardness and probably also a lot of wasted money.

If you are certain that the parlour and the masseuse offer the ‘extra’ service, you have taken the first step in the right direction. In this case, the masseuse will probably not even have to be asked — she will initiate the build-up and allow you to become aroused as she progresses.

When the time is right — as decided by you and her — she will begin with direct manipulation of your penis. After that, a happy ending is just a matter of time.

On the other hand, if you believe she is taking too long with the foreplay stage, simply tell her gently that you would like to go on to the next step. She will certainly oblige and begin to perform her specialised moves.

Either way, the happy ending is guaranteed. Maybe life can be a fairy tale sometimes.

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