Mastering the Sensual Massage

Massage is a great way to bond with someone, even when it is not overtly erotic. The prolonged physical contact, the touching and brushing of intimate parts of the body, and the pleasure from the release of tension from the muscles combine to make massage inherently potent with sensuality.

A sensual massage is not restricted to couples; besides being the bread and butter of masseuses at massage parlors, most high-end escorts have some basic knowledge of which techniques work best.

However, the sensuality of a massage does not necessarily lie in the professional skill of the giver but rather in their ability to convey pleasure through a combination of suggestive touches rather than true massage techniques.

Of course, some formal training will only help. Swedish massage is arguably the easiest to learn because its techniques are based predominantly on how we massage ourselves by instinct. The way in which you rub the skin over your aching muscle is refined and termed effleurage in Swedish massage.

The Tools

Any job is best done with the right tools. For a sensual massage, you need these basics:

  • A serene location – A quiet room with gentle music, soft lighting, and perhaps scented candles
  • A firm surface – Beds are too soft but towels or sheets on a floor work well
  • Pillows or folded towels – to support the head and the small of the back
  • Massage oil – to infuse each slide with a pleasurable smoothness

(You might also want to use a plastic sheet or extra towel in case of runoff)

The Massage

It is an unwritten rule that massages begin with the recipient lying on their front.

Do not apply the oil directly to their flesh but to your hands. Rub your hands to warm them and the oil.

Always begin the massage with broad, sweeping strokes that cover a large area.  This both conserves your energy and gets the blood flowing to the surface of the skin to improve sensitivity to the contact.

Move down the back to the legs and feet. Have them turn over and continue with the arms and hands. Then, focus on specific parts of the body like the neck and shoulders. Proceed slowly to their erogenous zones.

Massage is a tune best played by ear – uses their verbal and physical cues to dictate your journey, not a massage manual.

Most of all, enjoy it!

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