Breast or Booty: the Men’s Choice


Volumes have been written, countless pictures of women in provocative poses stared at, and great fun had by all.

No, I am not talking about the adult entertainment industry but the world of science, specifically research into the rules of attraction between men and women, where an intense debate continues to rage – are you a breast or ass man?

Men, apparently, like bumps in all the right places.

Whether or not the researchers were really looking for actual results, they did get some. It seems there are general tendencies in both international location and demographics which dictate preference for one or the other.

Where You Live

Or perhaps where you are from, a study has revealed that in the United States, the further South your location, the larger the odds that you are an ass man. In fact, if you live in a state sharing a border with Canada, it is more likely you prefer breasts. Canada itself is clearly breast land.

Outside of North America, all of Central America and all of South America, with the exception of Argentina, prefers the booty. It is a trait they share with:

  • Africa;
  • Papua New Guinea;
  • Middle Eastern countries – basically, if your country’s name ends in ‘…stan’, you love ass.

Social Demographics

Coming as no surprise to anyone who watches MTV showing sexy parties in every second video, if you live in the ‘hood’, your inclination is towards the boo-teh. Perhaps also as no surprise to anyone who notices the ‘ghetto’ settings and mentality that dominate rap videos that feature said boo-teh, those from lower social backgrounds tend to be ass men.

Surprising then that the study also noted that the preference for huge glutes was accompanied by a personality that thrived on order – neatness and organization was highly valued by this group.

So, the results tend to follow some anecdotal evidence, and completely defy them in other respects. Let’s hope the researchers did not fudge the results – it might come back and bite them in the ….umm…. ass.

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