Difference Between Normal Massage and Erotic Massage

A visit to a massage specialist can sometimes be confusing if you are not clear on what the difference is between an erotic and a usual massage, particularly since many establishments offer both varieties.

Today there are many different types of massages, with each distinct school originating in different parts of the world. The situation can be confused further because they are not necessarily distinct – some techniques may be applied equally to different schools and both erotic and usual massage.

Perfect womans body

Perfect womans body

The general difference between an erotic and a usual massage is that the former is performed with the aim of providing the recipient sexual arousal whereas the latter is focused on relaxing the muscles and overall wellness. Of course, erotic massage techniques may also help relax the muscles; it is simply that it is not the primary aim.

‘Usual Massage’ Types

The term ‘usual massage’ is generally applied to Swedish massage which involves the use of fingers, palms, elbows, knees and feet to apply pressure to muscles. This focused pressure has the effect of ‘loosening’ tired and tensed muscles. This would be similar to the effect that a ‘deep tissue massage’ would have.

Another normal massage is the ‘Hot Stone Massage’ where heated stones are placed upon the body corresponding to the location of chakras – this is believed to enhance the effects of the massage that follows.

Any of these types may be used as a precursor to an erotic massage, or be used during the massage itself.

Types of Erotic Massage

One of the most common varieties of erotic massage is the Lingam massage which employs techniques alluded to in the Kamasutra. ‘Lingam’ is the Sanskrit word for phallus and a lingam massage focuses virtually exclusively on that part of the anatomy. The female equivalent is the ‘Yoni’ massage which focuses on a woman’s vulva.

Another popular erotic massage is the Nuru massage. Nuru massage has almost no relation to a usual massage – it is performed as a body-to-body between a nude masseuse and recipient with the aid of extremely slippery nuru gel. The slick nature of the substance means that none of the pressure techniques used in a usual massage can be employed, and nuru focuses solely on the pleasurable eroticism of having a frictionless nude body sliding against yours.

Because Sweettouch masseuses are trained in both erotic and usual massage, you get the best of both worlds with every outcall massage. We offer the most popuar erotic massage options:

  • Tantra;
  • Nuru;
  • Body-to-Body;
  • Royal 4 hands massage and many other.

Discover the incomparable sensations you can only get from a combination of techniques today.

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