Is an Erotic Couple’s Massage the Right Choice?

girls in lingerieKeeping the spark alive in a relationship, especially a long-term one, can be an increasingly difficult challenge. One of the most effective ways to inject a dose of healthy excitement is to introduce other individuals into your love life. However, caution is essential.
Seeing someone else’s hands on your partner can have two effects:

  • make you extremely angry;
  • give you pleasure.

When done right, it can be the healthiest thing you have ever tried in your relationship.
Instead of jumping headlong into threesomes and partner swapping, test the waters with a couple’s erotic massage. This is a gentle way to ease into a more diverse sexual landscape and discover the extent and limitations of your comfort.

Before You Begin

Honesty really is the best policy if you want to take this step. Have a frank conversation with your partner about whether they agree that it might be helpful. Discuss what type of contact you want to include and the limitations of that contact. Share these guidelines with your masseuse so there is no confusion and no anxiety on the day.

The Setting

A couple’s massage can mean two masseuses, one for each partner, or it can mean a single masseuse shared between you both. With two masseuses, couples often have the tables placed side by side and close enough that they can hold hands. Sometimes, one partner simply watches while the other receives the massage.

The Masseuse

The most important aspect of the experience is the person you choose to welcome into your midst. Choose the masseuse together. This can be a very entertaining process and reveals a lot about your desires to each other that you previously have not explored.
When you meet the masseuse of your choice, discuss with her what you want the interaction to be like. Feel free to make suggestions and ask her for hers.
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