A First-timer’s Guide to Erotic Massage

Finally taking the plunge, huh? All your buddies have done it and now it is time to discover for yourself what the fuss is all about. Some nerves are natural but this quick guide can help make your first erotic massage an experience to remember.
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Personal Grooming

You are going to be out of your clothes with a gorgeous woman – make it count. Some of the basics are:

  • A hot shower – this is absolutely essential.
  • Exfoliate – give yourself a good scrub to leave your skin rejuvenated to fully savour every touch.
  • Moisture – optional, but soft, supple skin improves the experience

A facial shave is not essential but you might consider removing unruly body hair. Having hair pulled out with every massage stroke can be extremely un-erotic.
Both a wax and a shave can leave the skin feeling sore and sensitive. If you opt for a shave, keep in mind that short stubble is very sharp and will hurt the masseuse. This means you will have to time your grooming ritual, which brings us to…

Make an Appointment

The last thing you want is to be confronted with a waiting room filled with a dozen other people flitting through magazines and avoiding eye contact. The wait will only wreak havoc on your anxiety.
Instead, call ahead and make an appointment. One of the best advantages to scheduling your erotic massage is that you will be able to select your ideal masseuse. The receptionist will also tell you about any special packages to make the day even more memorable.

On the Day

Wear loose clothing to avoid sweating. At some establishments, you will have to take a shower before the massage. The masseuse may join you.
Then, lie on the massage table with a towel over your lower body. Massages usually begin with a light rub down from head to foot. This relaxes the muscles and the nerves. Professional therapists are very good at using both their hand and their voice to put you at ease.
You can have the masseuse guide you by telling you what she will do next. You are free to ask questions and tell her what you prefer. Both of you have one goal in mind – your complete satisfaction!
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