How does your health benefit from an erotic massage?

The sense of touch is perhaps the most important sense of all. Research shows that we do not only respond physically to touch but that it has a psychological impact on us as well. This is true from infancy all the way to old age.
This explains perfectly why erotic massage is so popular with people of all ages and all personalities.

The Health Benefits

Massage has been used as a tool for wellness for so long that we do not even know its origins. Its popularity stems from its effectiveness at producing almost miraculous results from seemingly simple touch. Among the myriad benefits associated with massage are:

  • Reducing heart rate;
  • Reducing your breathing rate;
  • Reducing blood pressure;
  • Alleviating pain;
  • Improving flexibility;
  • Accelerating recovery from injury.

It is reported that massage can even help to jumpstart a lethargic autoimmune system.
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The Sexual Benefits

Many of the health benefits mentioned above are the result of better blood flow to tissue. It is this improved blood flow that has a positive impact on your sexual performance and overall sexual health.
In men, it prolongs the duration of an erection and makes each erection harder. In women, blood engorges the clitoris and makes them more responsive to sexual contact.
Apart from the direct physical results, the entire experience of an erotic massage revolves around deeper intimacy. A talented masseuse does not limit her talents only to the art of massage, she enriches the entire interaction with her womanly talents.
Her voice lulls you into a sense of relaxation while stroking your libido without any direct contact. When you look into her eyes, there is the promise of an infinity of pleasures to come. Her figure is a work of art. As she approaches, her scent wafts erotically closer, too.
And that is just the beginning.
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