Methods and Techniques of Erotic Massage

Methods and Techniques of Erotic Massage

The methods and techniques used in erotic massage can be divided into two categories: main techniques and secondary techniques.

Main Techniques of Erotic Massage

These are called fundamental methods and techniques because, regardless of the part of the body on which they are undertaken, a massage session is never complete without them. They include:

  • softening;
  • friction;
  • kneading;
  • battement.

Softening involves effecting a sliding movement over the body to enhance blood flow and circulation.

Friction is necessary in areas that require intensive rubbing such as the clitoris. However, the friction applied should be well calculated to avoid injury. Only gentle friction should be applied on the clitoris/head during a massage.

Kneading applies to parts such as the butt and the muscles. Again, one ought to be careful to avoid use of excessive force. The trick is to place one hand on the target area and kneading it with the other to absorb any excess force.

Battement is the movement of one leg outward from the body. It is a fundamental move in erotic massage. It can be done as a way of exciting the genitals or helping the client to relax after keeping their legs in the same position for a long time.

Secondary Techniques

They are called secondary techniques because they are meant to complement the secondary ones. They include:

  • sifting and rolling;
  • pressure;
  • tensions and tractions;
  • shaking;
  • pinches.

Rolling can apply to the genitals or breasts. The rolling effect on the ear lobes and nipples is a big turn on for some women.

Application of pressure can be done on many erogenous zones. Pressure can be applied on the muscles and the pelvic area, depending on one’s preferences.

The application of tension may not be done in most sessions but it is a complementary part of erotic massage. Likewise, the tension should be well-measured to avoid overstraining the part on which it is created.

A sensational shaking movement is essential in a massage and it can be done on the head and limbs. It should be rhythmical however in order to achieve the desired results. It should be done gently so that the body does not lose its sensitivity.

The extent to people like being pinched during erotic massage differs. Most women like being pinched on the butt as a way of accelerating an orgasm.

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