Overcoming the Fear of an Erotic Massage

It is really unfortunate that massage gets such a bad rap. Lame Hollywood ‘comedies’ and inaccurate news outlets which focus solely on the minority of massage outlets that are fronts for illegal activities shoulder a lot of the blame for these misconceptions.

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Ultimately, the real loser is the average guy who is frightened away from experiencing the pure and intense pleasure that a professional masseuse can deliver. The three most common reasons for this are fear of:

  • being recognised;
  • the masseuse’s opinion; and
  • being unfaithful.

Fear of Being Recognised

This is where bad Hollywood movies come in – so many of them have used the embarrassed-guy-caught-at-massage-parlour routine that it’s become more irritating than funny. The odds of that happening are extremely low. Many men overcome this by visiting a masseuse far from where they live and work, or by using in-calls to a hotel or their residence.

Fear of the Masseuse’s Opinion

Some men wonder if they will be looked down upon by the massage professionals they visit. That is simply not true. The women who work here are professionals who want nothing better than to make their clients feel better, both physically and mentally. In fact, they admire the gentlemen who come in, conduct themselves with dignity and treat them with respect.

Fear That They Are Being Unfaithful

Erotic massage is exactly that – erotic massage, nothing more. There is no sex and certainly no relationships are made here. The women who work as massage professionals are very good at what they do and well aware that they provide a massage service, not a dating service. In fact, many women nowadays are even warming to the idea of gifting their partners a professional erotic massage.

Stop the Fear

Forget Hollywood and forget the fake news – you are entitled to have a healthy relationship and enjoy a professional erotic massage from time to time. Maybe even today.

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