Sex education: the basic rules

There is no doubt that the education system means well when it determines the sex education syllabus. However, SexEd classes don’t address some of the most common questions young people have about sex.

Here, we clear up three unacceptably widespread misconceptions.

You cannot get pregnant when you have sex for the first time

Lie! Any guy who tells a girl this needs to have his ass kicked (or his head examined… after the ass kicking). A female can absolutely get pregnant when she loses her virginity, provided she has begun to menstruate.

Another version of this misconception is that women cannot get pregnant when they are on their periods. This is promoted as a natural birth control method and can work for women whose periods are very regular. For everyone else, it is a risky tactic to use for something that can have life-changing consequences.

There is something wrong with a woman who doesn’t orgasm through intercourse

Men have it easy – the penis is both the sex organ and the centre of pleasure. In women, the vagina is the sex organ but the centre of pleasure is the clitoris, which is located outside and above the vaginal opening.

The angle of sexual interplay determines the extent to which the clitoris is stimulated and, consequently, the likelihood of orgasm. There is nothing ‘wrong’ if vaginal intercourse alone doesn’t do it. Fortunately, some manual clitoral stimulation solves the problem. Remember to practice together!

If you don’t last like a porn actor, you suffer from premature ejaculation

Three things to begin:

  1. Porn is more fake than Hollywood.
  2. No rational person should ever assume that the behaviour or actions of anyone, male or female, in a porn movie is remotely like real life.
  3. Porn is more fake than Hollywood.

Besides edits to make a scene seem longer, male actors inject themselves with cocktails of drugs to alter their physiology to perform. In the long run, this causes a range of health complications.

Fortunately, normal guys can prolong the sexual experience through a combination of controlled breathing and contact. This can be a very enjoyable journey of discovery. Bon voyage.

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